B.B.B. Ultra Press Kit

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  • Factsheet:
    • Developer : Pyrestone Studios
    • Release date: December 26th 2017
    • Platforms: itch.io, Android.
    • Twitter: @pyrestone
    • Email: discover@pyrestonestudios.com
    • Website: pyrestonestudios.com
    • Regular free (itch.io & Android)
  • Description:
    • The best brick breaker game that anyone can play and enjoy, with a very striking retro futuristic visual style. We have 24 levels and to pass the level you must break all the bricks of the level, we have numerous power ups that you can combine to complete each level and exceed your score.
  • History:
    • B.B. Ultra was born thanks to the CEO of The Game Kitchen, Mauricio García, by suggesting to us in a mentoring that we should do an encompassable project, and that it would allow us to know how we work as a team. Also, start to make known the Pyrestone Studios brand.
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